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Scott combines amazing development skills with complete integrity. He has been a terrific asset to our company. We plan on working with him for years to come.Kerry Murdock, Editor and Publisher, Practical eCommerce
Scott has been a tremendous asset in our efforts to create a complex, SaaS product. His professionalism and ability to solve problems from top-to-bottom has allowed us to move from prototype to launch. Simply put, I’d have Scott on any future project I worked on.Roland Marcus, President and Founder, FluoroFinder.com
Scott is a gifted and insightful software developer, able to deliver business value with surprising speed. His clear thinking allows him to consistently build the right thing. Scott is a true professional and a pleasure to work with.Chris Bernard, Software Engineer at Google


Your project + our process = success.


Before a single line of code is written, we listen. In this phase of the process, you tell us all you know about where your idea has been and where you see it going. Discussions help ensure that we understand your vision and goals for the application. It's here we come to agreement on the goals of the project and an approach of working together.


In the first iteration, we lay out the design and requirements for a minimum viable product. It's here we turn some of the goals and vision we learned about during "Discuss" into a tangible product design. We believe in working prototypes to allow you to be hands-on with the design process.


Next we pick a feature and get to work coding. This is the step most people think about when they think of software development. But there is more than just coding in "Develop". Because our process is agile and iterative, the Develop phase continues to include design and testing.


Once we have a feature ready to go, there's no need to wait until the entire project is done to show it to you. By continuously deploying to the cloud while development is underway, you get a real-time look into how the application is coming together. By seeing and using features early, you get to help shape the direction of the next iteration and help identify any bugs or issue early on.


Once a feature is complete, it's not set in stone. We go back and revisit it, improving the design; developing and re-deploying for your review. An iteration might contain just one larger feature, or might contain many smaller features. An iteration might be two weeks, or it might be one day. We're flexible that way.


Once enough developed features add up to a viable product (even minimal start toward your vision), we recommend immediately launching to get your creation out into the world.


We've been fortunate to work on some interesting Rails projects.
Here are a few we can share.

Practical eCommerce

Practical eCommerce is a leading "Resource for Online Business Owners". We extended the features of this Rails-based CMS platform. Deployed to EngineYard.


Firefield was an online sports management app. As part of a two person, distributed, Rails team, we performed full life-cycle Rails development on the site.


FluoroFinder® was created by a group of scientists from the University of Colorado Medical School to streamline creation of flow cytometry panels.


Zavers is an online coupon site for grocers and consumers. An example of agile development success with stand ups, two-week iterations, and test-driven development.


Golfstatus is "a mobile software company that helps businesses and courses engage with golfers through achievement- and loyalty-based rewards."


VideoPros is a site and marketplace for professional videographers. As a part of a five person, distributed, Rails team; performed full life-cycle development on this app.


Our own product. A CRM developed, marketed, and supported by Synap Software. Supporting PlaybookIQ's active, paying users teaches us daily lessons applicable to your app.


Originally a Rails Rumble 2009 entry which was completed in less than two days and won the "Ready to Earn" award. A good example of extremely fast development.

Ruby on Rails Screencasts

We created and recorded several "Introduction to Ruby on Rails" tutorial screenscasts for eCommerceDeveloper.com.


A smart team lead by industry veterans.

Scott Meade

Strategy and Technology

Scott has twenty years of professional IT experience in every aspect of software development and software project and team management. Recognized as a creative problem solver, Scott is able to communicate effectively with both technical development teams and executive management. In 2006, he co-founded Synap Software with a unique combination of deep technical skills and strong business experience. Scott holds a Masters in Computer Information Systems from the University of Denver.

Scott's personal blog is at scottmeade.com

Karen Meade

Business, Legal and Sales

Karen earned her law degree in 1996 and brings business management, legal, and organizational skills to Synap Software. Karen is responsible for the daily business operations and sales strategies of Synap Software.

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